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Glass-blocks are mainly used for partition walls, decorative elements, bathroom walls, kitchen countertops etc. There is a huge variety of glass blocks in terms of surfaces, colors, sizes, shapes, and more. In the most widely used version, glass-blocks are 240x240x80 mm. They are built as standard brick walls, but they require special adhesives (with more polymer), joint fillers and crossbars, which must be reinforced in both directions.

The standard glass-blocks can be seen in the “BASIC_Catalogue” from section downloads.

All other models of specific glass-blocks can be viewed from other downloads:

– Speccially colored glass-blocks – collection MENDINI (SGB_Mendini_Collection)

– Design glass-blocks, a small format in which the color is obtained from the paint surrounding the glass-blocks 146x146x80 mm. (MINI collection)

– Renzo’s Piano design collection, masonry with only 2 mm joint between the glass-blocks (PegasusMET_Catalogue)

– photovoltaic glass-blocks (photovoltaic)

– trapezoidal, Doric and others. Special bricks produced for specific custom-made purposes (SGB_Tailormade_I_E)

– special blocks – floor blocks, heat insulating, bricks controlling the flow of light, anti-bullet, fire, bricks of various formats and thicknesses, glass-blocks ventilation elements, glass roof tiles (SGB_Technology)

– solid glass-blocks, type “single brick” (Vetropieno_EN_FR_DE)


– Unlimited lifetime

– Allows light penetration

– Fire-resistant

– No maintenance costs

– Provides thermal and sound insulation

– Resistance to impact and solvents

– Doesn‘t contain hazardous materials (asbestos, heavy metals, halogen, sulfur)

– Allows easy cleaning of the surface