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Tonality Facades

Ceramic ventilated facades


CREATON ceramic tiling – a great protection for every home.

One of the most progressive building systems is the technology of ventilated facades. The ventilated or as it is called the suspended façade – this is a system consisting of cladding, thermal insulation and metal (aluminum) substructure (in rare cases wooden). The principle of the system is that the technological distance left between the thermal insulation and the lining ensures free flow of air flow. Thus, natural air movement in the space between ceramics and thermal insulation ensures that the wall is constantly dry, preventing condensation and moisture formation. It is this air gap that reduces heat loss, acting as a temperature buffer: the air temperature in it is 3-4 degrees higher than the outside temperature. The layers in the system – from the outside to the inside – are arranged in a row of decreasing the heat transfer parameter and their resistance to steam is increasing.

Formats & Surfaces

TONALITY offers unique design possibilities for individual facades with standard formats from 150 x 300 mm to 600 x 1,600 mm and a wide choice of surfaces.

Technical Info

Dimensions of tiles

–       Heights

–       Lengths

–       Thickness (incl. teeth for hanging)


150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 300, 400, 500, 600 mm.

300 до 1600 mm.

26 mm. (standard) or 22 mm. (on request)

Nominal weight 35 kg/m² for 36 мм. и 31,5 kg/m2 for 22 mm.
Water absorption <6%
Warranty for frost resistance 30 years
Reaction to fire А1
Heat conductivity 1.17 W/mK (at 90 °C) – 1,21 W/mK (at 30 °C)


Environmental Management 14001
Quality Management 9001
Health and Safety Management 18001