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Pelilam Facades


HPL (High pressure laminate) is homogenous facade cladding panels, which are manufactured by penetration large amount of Kraft paper with phenol resin and coating of front and back surfaces with UV – melamine based decorative paper under multilayer presses at high temperatures (170°C) and high pressure (100 – 120 bar kg/cm2) during 60-90 minutes.

Peliexterior, with ISO 9001TÜV SÜD guarantee, is being produced according to EN 438-6/7, the required Standard for high pressure exterior laminate applications. The product tests are supervised and made by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and the tests are applied on orange, night blue and mahagony colours which are the most sensitive to UV rays. Peliexterior has a surface property of anti-dirt, anti-bacteria, anti-fading with its nano-technologic surface form.

HPL boards (High pressure laminate) can be both single-colored and in wood, stone and other decors.

The new generation HPL lets you print everything you want on your facade.

Technical info

Sheet size: 1300x2800 – standard, 1540x3660 – on request

Thickness of panels: 6, 8, 10 mm. or any other desire

Density: 1460 kg/m3

Class of fire resistance: B, s1 d0 (noncombustible)

We also offer HPL (Cubic System) for UNI-SEX toilets and more with a standard sheet size of 3660x1540x12 mm. On request can be produce panels with dimensions of 1440x3660 mm. or 2800х1300 mm., also.


  • Dirt-free and self-cleaning
  • No deformation against instant climate changes between -20˚C/+80˚C
  • Provides heat and sound (14 dB) insulation
  • Ensures breathing of building
  • Resistance against impact and solvents
  • Anti-reflective of sunrays due mattbute surface
  • Contains no hazardous materials (asbestos, severe metals, halogen, sulphur)

Pelilam exterior panels, with particular surface application along with the special UV film at surface, has a maximum resistance against sunrays, rain, frost, dirt, dust and bacteria.