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Clinker bricks and facade systems Vandersanden



Bricks are a familiar and popular construction material thanks to their many unique yet obvious characteristics. The warmth, robust nature, character and varied options make bricks a perfect finish for any architecture. VANDERSANDEN offers a wide variety of models – over 150 colors. The full color palette can be downloaded from the download files – “Color chart Vandersanden bricks” or viewed online on the manufacturer’s website: https://www.vandersanden.com/en/product-search/bricks

The benefits of brick:

  • Is resistant to high pressure and frost
  • Does not shrink or expand when the temperature changes
  • Can hold heat well and release it into its surroundings
  • Reusable or recyclable
  • Available in a wide range of colours and textures – over 150 colors
  • Suitable for various styles and tastes
  • Preferred for sustainable architecture
  • Low maintenance in time


Types of brick:

  • Hand-formed – As the name suggests, hand-form bricks were once made by hand. Today, the process is carried  out by a machine that mimics the traditional hand-forming technique. The machine rolls the clay into a layer of sand, before inserting it into a mould. This creates folds that, after the firing process, give that typical, grained texture that is unique to hand-form bricks. See the video and learn more about the production process for hand-form bricks.
  • Waterstruck –  a lightly textured brick – The name of this special moulding technique refers to the use of (atomised) water. The machine wets the clay to give the brick a special, lightly structured texture. The visible surface of a waterstruck brick is not smooth, but has slight texture.
  • Wirecut – a smooth and angular brick – In contrast to the hand-form and waterstruck brick, the wirecut brick is not placed into a mould or compressed. Instead, the machine presses the clay into a long column and cuts it to the size of bricks. The machine can be equipped with different nozzles and cutting benches, allowing the bricks to be cut into different shapes and sizes. A wirecut brick is usually smooth and angular . During the production process, the forms can be worked with a roller to give them a special texture.
  • Aged bricks – This is a patented manufacturing process unique to Vandersanden. The same process is an addition to the hand-form technique. After the drying process, the unfired facing bricks are given extra pigments on the visible surface before being tumbled to give them an aged look. This gives the ageing a more natural appearance. This makes an aged brick looks very similar to a naturally obsolete brick, a major advantage is that this technique takes place before firing, giving the same quality guarantees as for all our other hand-form bricks.

Product formats (LxBxH):

  • BDS (240x80x52mm)
  • DF (215x100x65mm)
  • HF (228x90x40mm)
  • LF40-S (240x75x40mm)
  • M50 (190x90x50mm)
  • NF (240x115x71mm)
  • RF (250x120x65mm)
  • WF (210x100x50mm)
  • XL50 (290x90x50mm)
  • ZERO (204x100x50mm)


E-Board is the complete total solution for renovation and new-build! E-Board from Vandersanden allows you to renovate your home and insulate it in one go. The final result will have the look and quality of solid brick, both in traditional and contemporary style. Your home will satisfy recent comfort-enhancing insulation standards, while also looking great.
E-Board is an ATG-certified total solution for the renovation and new-build of facades. ATG certification for E-Board has stipulations that include the system being sustainable, watertight, and resistant to frost. E-Board is a complete system solution comprising insulation material, brick slips, mortar adhesive, and other accessories.
You will receive everything in a single delivery. You choose the insulation thickness and the brick colour. All parts are assembled in the correct quantities according to the surface that you are covering.


The façade system Signa is a great example of unrivaled freedom for architects and a desire to collaborate for contractors. The facade system has been awarded the prestigious international A’Design Award.
We bond your composition of brick slips to stable and weatherproof Rockpanel facade panels. You can use the side, the end, or the base of all VANDERSANDEN brick sizes.
You could opt for a familiar laying pattern or design your own combinations of patterns. The variable colour choices, relief, size, and patterning mean that millions of combinations are possible for almost unlimited design freedom.
The gaps between the brick slips on the Signa® facade panel are just 3 to 4 mm wide and left unfilled. Over time, the light-brown Rockpanel will turn dark brown in colour, so the background will blend in well. If necessary, you can treat the panels with a black primer, which will prevent the thin gaps from standing out.
The brick slips are fit to the Rockpanel panels in the VANDERSANDEN factory. Then the finished facade panels are delivered to your site, ready for installation. Once there, the facade constructor can simply fit the pre-fabricated panels to the supporting structure, whether that’s an aluminium frame, galvanised steel, or wood.
You can choose from a range of supporting structures. The most suitable supporting structure for the facade builder to use depends on factors such as the weight of the Signa® panels, the structure, and the geographical location of the building.
The Signa® panels are hanging to the supporting structure with hooks.
The Signa® panels are produced to size. The maximum size of one facade panel is around 1 m² according to the pattern and brick slip that you have chosen. Standard panels are always rectangular, but we can supply all shapes of panel on request.

Color palette