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CRH KLINKIER is a Polish company with factories in Germany, Netherland and Poland. The plant in Poland is one of the few preserved plants over the years, using a Hoffman furnace at baking, which produces an amazing clinker with unique colors and physical properties. The exceptional aesthetics of the clinker so highly appreciated by Architects and Investors from all over the world. The graceful spectrum of colors (from red to graphite) and the slag surface allow the design of buildings of exceptional character.

Noble, wonderful, weather-resistant. Clinker bricks, slabs and pavements are materials made from natural materials and perfectly harmonizing with the surrounding landscape. They are a stylish addition to avant-garde interiors or warm finishing of individual houses. Consumers love them because of their durability, beautiful colors and surfaces. They are appreciated by designers due to their unlimited design capabilities.

When we build a house or furnish a dwelling, we think about what final effect we would like to achieve. We strive to design the best possible functional solutions appropriate to our lifestyle and expected standard. It is also extremely important to choose materials. Besides, they must be durable, natural and environmentally friendly, it is best to enjoy our aesthetics every day. These are clinker bricks and slabs of CRH KLINKIER. The spectrum of their colors and structures is very large, so we present them in the form of specially selected collections. We hope that watching them will bring you wonderful associations and memories. From sunny beaches, through fresh and clean streams, to the warmth of the home fireplace.

Choosing the products from your favorite collection will surely help you create an individual and unique character of your home, interior or garden. Applications can be infinite, especially since they are increasingly used not only in the facades or in the gardens but also in the original furnishing of bathrooms, kitchens or salons. They are perfectly suited both for warm rustic style and modern minimalism. They can fill entire panels or make an original element. Depending on the concept, they harmonize with the background or make an eccentric accent. So, we hope that they will instill your imagination and help in realizing your dreams.


  • It provides a lasting and elegant facade for many years. It does not require renewal and repairs because the low water absorption of the slabs and bricks prevents the deposition of dirt.
  • It increases the value of your investment. Clinker slabs and bricks for the facade are only a few percent of the value of the entire building. They greatly enhance the aesthetics of the building and its surroundings.
  • The clinker is fire-resistant material class A (non-combustible).
  • It is completely frost-resistant, resistant to chemical, biological corrosion and to fungi, seaweed and moss that can cause allergies.
  • It has great mechanical resistance.
  • Excellent acoustic insulation of three-layer walls (insulating capacity of 40-50 dB).
  • Provides a good microclimate in the summer and thermal comfort in winter (for a three-layer wall).
  • Environmentally friendly – baked only with clay and sand.
  • Available in wide color assortment of bricks, slabs and pavers, in a wide range of clinker accessories.
  • Can be easily combined with other materials – wood, glass, aluminum and others.


  • The color does not fade and is not erased, always with a lively, beautiful color (lifetime warranty).
  • No maintenance required. Pollutions are rinsed by rain.
  • It can be pulled out, turned or moved at any time at any time. It is not permanently connected to the soil and has many possible surfaces to use.
  • It has a 4 times higher strength than a concrete pavement (45 mm thick cementitious paving crane = 80 mm concrete pavement).
  • Durable (the highest wear resistance class – up to 40 times the concrete pavement).
  • Beneficial for the environment – baked only with clay and clean, rinse sand. There are no artificial additives, impurities or colorants.
  • It is applied freely to the sand base. Does not require reinforced concrete flooring below, it is a natural insulation against moisture or any other conditions.
  • There are durable, natural colors throughout the entire range – a wide range of colors that can be combined and put together by different compositions, as well as by arcs and circles.
  • Well combined with stone, wood and garden plants.
  • Excellent in every climate (even mountain or sea) and every season.