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Clay pavers



  • It provides a lasting and elegant facade for many years. It does not require renewal and repairs because the low water absorption of the slabs and bricks prevents the deposition of dirt.
  • It increases the value of your investment. Clinker slabs and bricks for the facade are only a few percent of the value of the entire building. They greatly enhance the aesthetics of the building and its surroundings.
  • The clinker is fire-resistant material class A (non-combustible).
  • It is completely frost-resistant, resistant to chemical, biological corrosion and to fungi, seaweed and moss that can cause allergies.
  • It has great mechanical resistance.
  • Excellent acoustic insulation of three-layer walls (insulating capacity of 40-50 dB).
  • Provides a good microclimate in the summer and thermal comfort in winter (for a three-layer wall).
  • Environmentally friendly – baked only with clay and sand.
  • Available in wide color assortment of bricks, slabs and pavers, in a wide range of clinker accessories.
  • Can be easily combined with other materials – wood, glass, aluminum and others.


  • The color does not fade and is not erased, always with a lively, beautiful color (lifetime warranty).
  • No maintenance required. Pollutions are rinsed by rain.
  • It can be pulled out, turned or moved at any time at any time. It is not permanently connected to the soil and has many possible surfaces to use.
  • It has a 4 times higher strength than a concrete pavement (45 mm thick cementitious paving crane = 80 mm concrete pavement).
  • Durable (the highest wear resistance class – up to 40 times the concrete pavement).
  • Beneficial for the environment – baked only with clay and clean, rinse sand. There are no artificial additives, impurities or colorants.
  • It is applied freely to the sand base. Does not require reinforced concrete flooring below, it is a natural insulation against moisture or any other conditions.
  • There are durable, natural colors throughout the entire range – a wide range of colors that can be combined and put together by different compositions, as well as by arcs and circles.
  • Well combined with stone, wood and garden plants.
  • Excellent in every climate (even mountain or sea) and every season.


Clay pavers are the perfect paving because of their extremely sustainable properties. Vandersanden has an extensive range of pavers for paving gardens, paths, terraces, streets, squares, parking spaces, and pavements. There is a wide variety of models – over 100 colors. VANDERSANDEN offers a wide variety of models – over 150 colors. The full color palette can be downloaded from the download files – “Color chart Vandersanden clay pavers” or viewed online on the manufacturer’s website: https://www.vandersanden.com/en/product-search/clay-pavers-public-spaces


  • Warm and high-quality appearance
  • Creative design freedom
  • Long lifespan of 135 years on average
  • Colourfast
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to remove and reuse (and reuse again)
  • Made from renewable river clay


Production type

Moulded – As part of this production method, chunks of clay are pressed into moulds fully automatically; the excess clay on the top is then removed. The moulds are then rotated and the stones are released from the moulds. Moulded bricks are known for their natural and robust appearance.

Wirecut – As part of this production method, the stones are shaped by a vacuum press. This produces a continuous clay bar by means of wirecutting. The bar is then cut to the desired brick sizes in a fully automatic process. Wirecut pavers are known for their sleek appearance and expressive colours.

Texture types

  • Dragfaced – Scraping the clay gives these stones a rougher, coarser surface for a robust and rugged appearance. The structure and composition of the clay is easily visible and tangible.
  • Sand-faced – On wirecut bricks with a sand-covered surface, the colour of the sand determines the appearance, and can include silver sand, red sand, purple sand, or black sand. Over time, the sand will wear and the fragment colour of the brick will come through.
  • Unsanded – Unsanded moulded bricks are slightly less straight than sand-covered variants as they are somewhat more difficult to press out of the moulds. This, together with the unsanded surface, gives the paving a more vintage and rustic appearance.
  • Smooth – Wirecut bricks with a smooth and unsanded surface look refined, pure, and sleek. The fragment colour is immediately visible.

Product formats (LxBxH)

VANDERSANDEN offers about 30 sizes of clay pavers, the most used of which are:

  • LF60/80 (245x60x80mm) – 56 colors
  • LF80/80 (245x80x80mm) – 56 colors
  • WF80 (204x50x80mm) – 45 colors
  • WF85 (206x51x85mm) – 40 colors
  • KF65 (202x100x65mm) – 42 colors
  • KF80 (202x100x80mm) – 44 colors
  • DF80 (204x67x80mm) – 42 colors
  • DF85 (206x67x85mm) – 40 colors
  • KF45 (200x100x45mm) – 12 colors
  • KF52 (200x100x52mm) – 22 colors

LF60/80 (245x60x80mm)

KF80 (206x102x80mm)

LF80/70 (240x80x70mm)

Color palette