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Shingles & Shakes

Western Red Cedar Shingles & Shakes from Marley Eternit are a truly renewable and sustainable roofing & cladding material, with one of the lower carbon footprints of any widely used building product. The clear timber treatment, MicroPro, delivers JB Shingles & shakes that are preservative treated with the look of ‘clean’ or untreated timber. This provides you with the natural beauty of cedar right from the start.

Shingles & shakes have been used for a wide range of structures from domestic dwellings to major theme parks for roofing and cladding projects. Shingles and shakes can contribute significantly to the achievements of Zero Carbon Housing.

What is the difference between Shingles and Shakes?

Shingles and Shakes perform the same functions but are manufactured in different ways.

A Shingle is produced by sawing a block of wood on both sides, giving a relatively smooth face and back.

A Shake is hand split from a block of cedar along the natural grain of the wood and then re-sawn to produce one smooth surface.

There is now a new product – Taper Sawn Shakes. These are sawn like a shingle but are much thicker and installed like a shake.

They can be used for both roofing and cladding. Cedar Shingles can be fixed to pitches as low as 14 degrees.


– Excellent thermal performance

– Zero carbon emissions

– Lightweight and durable

– Natural beauty

– Low maintenance

– Clear preservative treated

– Beautifully fit into a natural environment

– 40 year treatment warranty

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Grade Blue Label, 100% Heartwood, 100% Edge Grain and 100% Clear. Also available in Red Label.
Size 400mm long, random widths 75mm – 350mm
Thickness 10mm at the butt, tapering
Profile Sawn both sides, rectangular
Bundle  Approx. 120 pieces
Maximum Pitch 90°
Minimum Pitch 14°
Minimum Side Lap 38mm


Maximum Gauge Covering m2 per bundle  Laid weight kg m2 clean / treated / FRT Battens per m2
75-90° 190mm 3.47 4.0 / 8.1 / 4.6 5.3m
22-74° 125mm 2.28 6.1 / 12.3 / 7.0 8.0m
14-21° 95mm 1.73 8.1 / 16.2 / 9.3 10.5m


Minimum batten size (JB Red battens)
90° 25 x 50mm
Not exceeding 450mm centres 25 x 38mm
Not exceeding 600mm centres 25 x 38mm


Nail Size
Silicon bronze nails 31 x 1.8mm
JB ShingleFix Staples 16x38mm Stainless Steel Staple